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Yasmin Farhart

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The expertise and energy of lived experience advocates is increasingly being recognised for the value it brings to service design, delivery and improvement. Some advocates are finding ways to create opportunities for economic participation through their entrepreneurship.

Independence is a key goal of the National Disability Insurance Schemen (NDIS). Understanding how culture interacts with how independence is defined and what it looks like is critical to achieving person centred outcomes.

Yasmin Farhart

Yasmin Farhart is a public speaker, educator, activist and empowered Lebanese woman living with a disability. Her confidence and determination drive her passion for creating a more inclusive community for people living with disability from CALD backgrounds.

Yasmin lives in South West Sydney and is actively involved in a number of local advisory and reference groups . She is also an event MC and public speaker and has established her own business called Yasmin Farhart.


Yasmin grew up in Bankstown. She was born with a rare disease called CHARGE Syndrome, which is an acronym for a range of physical, mental, and cognitive disabilities. These disabilities have helped Yasmin shape her life in becoming an activist, and advocate for people with a disability from CALD backgrounds.

Since the NDIS rolled out Yasmin has gained more control of her life as well as better support services for her needs as an individual. She is more independent and able to follow her passions disability and diversity inclusion advocacy– particularly in the Canterbury Bankstown Local Government Area. Her ongoing commitments include Bankstown Recovery Support Network (BRAS), SSI FutureAbility National Multilingual Advisory Group, the Inclusive Communities Network, Zero Barriers, Universal Access Reference group, and the International Day of People with Disability sub-committee.

The NDIS also enabled Yasmin to take up opportunities to achieve employment and education goals that were previously out of reach for her. She had number of gigs as a self employed MC throughout 2018 IN 2019 and she completed a Certificate IV in Community Services to expand her future employment opportunities.



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