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Jubran Eesee

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Settlement in a new country brings opportunities and challenges. There is a wide variety of ways to find the support to address the challenges and access opportunities.

Jubran Yousif

Jubran is a disability peer mentor and peer facilitator from an Assyrian background. He is passionate about helping people from Arabic speaking and refugee backgrounds connect to services that will make their transition to Australia as smooth as possible.

As a lived experience educator, he hopes that by sharing his lived experience, he can be a catalyst for change within the community.


Jubran lives with physical disability as a result of a car crash in 1993. He came to Australia from Iraq as a refugee with his wife and two children in 2015 and was assisted by SSI Settlement Support and Ability Links from the beginning of his settlement journey. He has achieved a great deal in a short time and believes the goals he set for study, employment and becoming involved in a sport made the transition to settling in a new country easier and helped shape the person he is today.


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