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Edwin Ocha Ikwu

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Settlement in a new country brings opportunities and challenges. There is a wide variety of ways to find the support to address the challenges and access opportunities.

Edwin Ocha Ikwu

Edwin is a Nigerian born leader. His positive mindset was tested in 2014 when he fell critically ill, leaving him partially disabled. He now lives in Australia and enjoys helping others deal with life challenges by showcasing methods of developing mental resilience and creating long lasting connections. He is a living example of motivation, will to survive and finding happiness within our reality of life.


Edwin’s childhood, career progression and philanthropy work started in Nigeria, where Edwin wore many hats. Edwin was the Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Electricity Power Supply Company from 2004 to 2008, Rotarian since 1988 at various Nigerian clubs and Assistant Governor at DISTRICT 9130, Youth Empowerment Advocate, Community Developer, proud Advocate of People Living with Disability, friend, husband, father and grand-father.

When his life unexpectedly changed in 2014, he quickly fitted into his new life by his natural inclination to humanitarian services both as a receiver and a giver. He has transformed his life to a reality filled with love and self-fulfilment. His need to give back to the community attracted humanitarian and professional development opportunities such as becoming a volunteer of the Rotary Club at Beecroft, NSW by socialising with people with disabilities to help alleviate social isolation. Edwin will provide a heartfelt presentation that highlighted his adaption to Australia, challenges faced living with a disability and ways local communities made an unexpected life transition comfortable.

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