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Cultural roles and expectations at times come into conflict with understanding of disability. Rising above those expectations and challenges can come from harnessing the qualities within.

David Daoud

David Daoud is proud husband and father from Lebanese background. His determination has helped him overcome the many challenges he faced in losing his sight as a young adult and he is actively involved in advocating for the inclusion of people living with vision impairment.


David parents met and married in Lebanon and migrated to Australia to raise their family to have better opportunities and quality of life. David was born is Sydney and grew up in the Inner West area with his three brothers and sister. He had planned on a career as an IT engineer but a car accident in 2000 left him completely blind and changed his life. He still has a passion for technology, especially assistive technology that allows him to be as independent as possible.

David is currently a Community Connector with the Physical Disability Council of NSW NDIS ILC Peer Support Project (Liverpool).  He accesses disability support services for community participation and has been with the same provider for over 10 years. He hopes that sharing his insights and experience of cultural and structural barriers will be a useful learning opportunity for others. He welcomes the opportunity to develop his skills in business administration and speaking to different audiences as a self-employed lived experience educator.

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