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Cultural beliefs and values relating to disability can at times come into conflict with understanding of disability, sex and sexuality. Rising above those challenges can come from harnessing the qualities within and advocating for change.

Charbel (Charlie) Zada

Charbel is a proud Australian born Lebanese man who lives with a genetic hearing disability. As an activist in the queer/disability field, Charbel is an avid believer in the concept of self-awareness, self-advocacy and self-empowerment.  He is also an NDIS participant, university student and employee of an NDIS registered service provider.


Charbel was born is Sydney and lives in the South West area. He was born with a hearing impairment and his two brothers are deaf. His determination enabled him to overcome cultural and societal issues to complete his double degree in commerce and arts from Macquarie University in 2019. His passion for inclusion enabled him to redevelop the Macquarie University Queer Collective into an awarding winning student group and also to create a one of a kind community group for the Queer and Disability community in Sydney.

As an NDIS participant and a worker with an NDIS provider, Charbel is hoping his experience and insights into both these worlds helps to create a deeper understanding of the unique intersection of disability and cultural diversity, and bridge the gap between CALD communities and the NDIS.



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