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The expertise and energy of lived experience advocates is increasingly being recognised for the value it brings to service design, delivery and improvement. Some advocates are finding ways to create opportunities for economic participation through their entrepreneurship.

Supporting and engaging carers and supporters from CALD background recognises the value of their expertise and contributions to supporting the goals of people with disability.

Alexander Xeras

Alexander (AlexXeras is an author and educator from a Greek background and a lifelong advocate of equal opportunities for people living with disability.  Alex lives with cerebral palsy and is also legally blind. He strongly believes in people utilising their strengths and over the course of his life he has been a Paralympian, a university student, creative writing teacher and published author. 


Alex was born in South West area of Sydney and has lived there all of his life. He contracted meningitis at three months old which resulted in cerebral palsy, and as a young adult he was diagnoses as being legally blind. 

He credits his family for instilling in him a passion for telling stories and the craft of writing itself. He has overcome many challenges to achieve a Bachelor of Arts, and a Masters in creative writing from the University of Western Sydney, and establish his own publishing company Fustorica Media. His bestknown publication to date is the children’s book ‘Tom’s Birthday Surprise’ featuring a young boy named Tom who has a disability and lives in a World on Wheels 

Alex understands that while he is a person with a disability, his whole family have their own lived experience of disability and subsequently their own perspectives on barriers to supports and services. He hopes that by sharing his own story it will help disability service providers to gain insights that will inform how they respond to the service access needs of people with disability from CALD backgrounds.  




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