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David Daoud

David Daoud is proud husband and father from Lebanese background. His determination has helped him overcome the many challenges he Read more

Alexander Xeras

Alexander (Alex) Xeras is an author and educator from a Greek background and a lifelong advocate of equal opportunities for people living with disability.  Read more

Yasmin Farhart

Yasmin Farhart

Yasmin Farhart is a public speaker, educator, activist and empowered Lebanese woman living with a disability. Her confidence and determination Read more

Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen

Quang Nguyen is a disability advocate and dedicated change champion. Quang lives with cerebral palsy and his passion for technology Read more

Pauline David

Pauline David is a diversity and disability peer facilitator and peer mentor. She is actively involved in the disability space Read more

Jubran Eesee

Jubran Yousif

Jubran is a disability peer mentor and peer facilitator from an Assyrian background. He is passionate about helping people from Read more

Edwin Ocha Ikwu

Edwin Ocha Ikwu

Edwin is a Nigerian born leader. His positive mindset was tested in 2014 when he fell critically ill, leaving him Read more

Emmanuel Asante

Emmanuel Asante

Emmanuel is a visual artist and humanitarian born in Ghana. He was inspired to become a lived experience educator after Read more

Abri (Abbey) Lotfi

Abir (Abbey) Lotfi

Abbey is a peer mentor, peer facilitator, bilingual educator and devoted carer for her son who has complex disabilities. She Read more