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Our Voice provides a great opportunity for service providers to raise awareness among staff of the barriers faced by people living with disability from CALD backgrounds.

These learning activities are delivered in English and include PowerPoint presentations with personal images, photos, music or short video clips to support purposeful storytelling and participative activities. Lived Experience Educators (LEEs) will provide an overview of the barriers experienced by people living with disability from CALD backgrounds, inspired by each educator’s personal experience and knowledge.

After sharing their story, the LEE will facilitate an interactive activity that will reinforce the concepts of the project and connect to the purpose of the activity. The LEE will share with the audience information for further consideration, such as articles, case studies, policy documents, TED talks, amongst many other useful resources.

LEEs will be hosting a variety of learning session formats, including lunch & learn or staff learning & development sessions. These sessions can also be part of conferences and interagency meetings.

These learning activities are free of charge for all service providers. If you’d like to know more about these sessions and the different types of activities click here.

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